FREE STUFF: Argument Champion

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Free Stuff: Argument Champion

It will be no surprise to people that know me that I like this game. I have a reputation among my friends for being argumentative (I try to keep it in check, honest!). My coursework in college as a philosophy major was basically studying arguments. I enjoy the act of reasoning, the freedom and openness of drawing from a lifetime of experiences and coming up with clever twists of logic to support or undercut an idea. Bigblueboo Labs took this essential and prevalent aspect of life and turned it into a game mechanic with their experimental browser game Argument Champion.

In Argument Champion you connect ideas that the audience likes with the topic you’re defending and connect ideas the audience hates to the idea your opponent is defending. Helping you do this is an argument demon named Corax that reveals to you what ideas the audience views negatively and what ideas they love (is it any surprise that lawyers and rhetoricians are aided by dark forces?) Once you pick which two ideas to link, you have to show they are connected through a free association of connected ideas. So if you wanted to prove that dolphins and the moon are pretty much the same thing and that if you hate dolphins then you should hate the moon you might say something like:

Dolphins are linked to the ocean, the ocean can not exist with out the planet Earth, the planet Earth is inextricably connected to the solar system, the solar system is also connected to the moon, ergo dolphins = the moon.

It can be a bit silly sometimes but it’s fun. In actual gameplay terms once you select an idea to connect, other words associated with that idea appear around it. When you click an associated word, more words appear around the one you just clicked on which will reveal more associations in turn when clicked. You keep doing this until you finally manage to associate a word with the idea you were originally trying to connect with or the timer runs out.

As you progress through the rounds you’re given more options. It’s a short game and the 2 player mode hasn’t been implemented yet but it’s an interesting diversion and what words are associated with each other are randomized so it’s still interesting on subsequent playthroughs.

Argument Champion can be found at: