Principles: Hours per Dollar

Principles: Hours per Dollar (hr/$)

 time is money


Gameplay time is not the end all be all when it comes to what games to purchase. Some of the greatest experiences gaming has to offer are single-player games that you can beat in less than 10 hours. There are many indie games that you can squeeze out everything they have to offer in a weekend that are absolutely worth experiencing. Likewise there are plenty of bland JRPGs out there with hundreds of hours of content that feel like a chore to grind through. There is a vast multiverse of would-be World of Warcraft killers that lie desolate and barren on the internet with no player base and months’ worth of content. Regardless, the ratio of how many hours of gaming a title offers to its cost is a vital metric for the frugal gamer and can shape the way we pay to play. I like to call this metric the hours per dollar (hr/$) a title offers.

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