The Art Gallery: Loved

The Art Gallery: Loved


The Only Game That Has Actually Hurt My Feelings


Are you a boy or a girl?  You’re wrong.  And that’s how Loved: a short story by Alexander Ocias begins.  Loved is a short platformer where you play a small creature that is berated for disobedience by a mysterious condescending voice.  Although it was just text on a screen written by someone I have never met before I couldn’t help but take the constant insults personally.  The music, messages and visuals create an atmosphere that feels oppressive but teases freedom if the player looks for it.

I would love (HAH!) to go into more detail about Loved but part of what makes it so compelling is the confusion the player feels and his personal exploration of the game.  Talking too much about the game before playing it would ruin the experience so take a few minutes and play through it first here:  And make sure you play it twice.  Go on, I’ll wait.




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