It all started when I was walking through gamestop, browsing the used games, when I started to notice something. There were so many absolutely amazing games being sold for pennies. “How is this possible?!” I screamed at the poor under-paid man at the register. Some were classics that had been out for only a year or two; some were niche titles that had only been out for a few months that no one bothered to buy. I was torn. On the one hand I thought certainly Fable 2 is worth more than $3, on the other hand I could finally play Fable 2. It was then I set out to tell the world. To travel into the hidden depths of the great tombs of gaming and blow the dust off of priced less priceless treasures. To bravely brace myself while my wallet screams in horror in the face of steam sale after steam sale after oh my god, a third steam sale? really? haven’t I already bought all of your games? This is my little corner of the internet where I review the hits of yesteryear, the indie novelties, and all sources of cheap attainable gaming fixes. Cheap games at great prices is the bottom line, helping you keep fun > cost.

Also I miss talking about games and I want to practice my writing skills. Most games discussed will sell for $20 or less but may go as high as $30. Updates every Friday and sometimes I post a few random ones in the middle of the week.

About the author: Eric Schmiel recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.A. in Economics and Philosophy with a concentration in ethics and public policy. He has been gaming his whole life and has cultivated a deep appreciation of the media for its ability to bring people together, tell rich stories, and its potential as an artistic medium. Eric enjoys most game genres but tends to play quirky indie games or niche titles that try something different.

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