Not that I ever left the internet, I just went to different parts for a time, Tumblr mostly. But now I have returned! Or I certainly hope to at least, but who knows, this might wind up being a false start. Running this blog kind of ruined gaming for me. I would stop playing games because I wanted to write about the last one I finished while it was fresh in my head. But then I procrastinated the writing. So since I never got around to writing, I never got around to playing new stuff and I wound up in this horrible quandry. I hope to rectify this though!

There will be far less emphasis on gaming cheaply and reviews, although I may continue writing about poverty gaming, forming a sort of hitchhiker’s guide to gaming on the cheap. Instead, in a much less low pressure fashion, I’ll be writing reflections on the gaming I have been involved in once a week, or responding to what’s going on in the current gaming news. It’ll be much more low-key personal blogging style punctuated with higher quality more in-depth pieces. My ambitions have grown in the interim as well however!  I want to try my hand at writing some more in-depth articles but instead of posting them here, I think I’m going to see if I can get them published at some other gaming sites. Actually get some real writing credits ^_^.

I also want to look into live streaming and making let’s play videos as well. I’ve been wanting to learn web design as well so I’ll probably turn this blog into my lab for that as well.

And with that howdy-do, let’s get blogging again. Hello internet, it’s been a while.


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