And We’re Back!


And We’re Back!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I’ve updated, but we are officially back! And what better way to start updating than with a couple of Check This Outs at PAX East? There weren’t too many major AAA titles this year being showed off at PAX East but that’s alright. If you’re waiting 4 hours in line to watch a 10 minute trailer and get an inflatable tomahawk, you’re PAXing wrong. There were plenty of more interesting indie titles with shorter lines to boot to check out in the indie megabooth anyway. A few honorable mentions worth checking out that I didn’t get a chance to demo at PAX were Transistor, the next game from the studio behind Bastion, and Quadrilateral Cowboy, a hacking game where you fake code your way past various security systems.

Steam had the Spring Indie Sale that weekend also and Friday night’s update will be about what I purchased during it and why. Be sure stop by and share what you grabbed from it as well. The official schedule I’m going to try to be sticking to with this blog is updating every Friday night and Monday night around 7pm. The logic is that I will have all of the work week to try and find time to write a blog post and all of the free time on the weekend should give me plenty of opportunity to write a second one for Monday. If possible I might try to tie the two posts each week together with some kind of theme. I just picked up Bioshock Infinite tonight from the Redbox machine and if I manage to squeeze in enough game time, I’m going to try to have a review of it ready by Monday. I’m starting a new feature called the Redbox Review where I review a more current game that I can get from Redbox and tell you whether or I not I felt like I got everything I wanted out of the game from the rental or if I feel like there is still enough content left to be worth buying. Depending on how I’m feeling I might also try to do some critical analysis of it for next Friday’s article as well but I’m going to wait to finish the game to see if I have anything interesting to say about it. Alternatively I might just post an article about which gaming system is best for gaming on the cheap that I’ve been sitting on for a while.

It’s gonna be a good night

I’ve already played Bioshock Infinite a little bit and I love what I’ve seen so far. I spent an hour just looking at every nook and cranny of the lighthouse and the city before I even got to any of the gunplay. The world is just filled with so much detail. I love the way they sold the flying city as a kind of real world heaven and making the entry into the city a religious experience really sold that idea. Requiring a baptism to enter the “city of heaven” was a brilliant way to drive home the theme, and the way the preacher actually drowns the player in the process gives you your first hint that these people are taking things far past the point of good-hearted modern Christianity and to a much harsher puritanical adherence used to justify societal cruelty. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the scene from Boardwalk Empire when Van Alden accidentally drowns his Jewish partner at a baptism ceremony in the woods.

It gave you the feeling of being an atheist in church. The way the lighthouse was dark, overcast, and in the middle of the sea really gave the feeling of being lost in the desolation of a destroyed Sodom as well, and the red flares from the sky made the landscape look downright hellish before the player makes his ascent to the floating city, creating a brilliant contrast between the city and the world below. The golden light of the city above the clouds, the choir music, the gentle ankle deep water flowing on the floor from the entrance down the stairs, and the church-like aesthetic all work together to actually give the player the feeling that he has ascended to a divine place. All of this is of course before it is revealed that there is hell in heaven. In a way, it’s kind of a fitting fate for a false idol’s faux-paradise I suppose.

The week after that will be a kind of God of War week. I’ll be posting my Redbox Rental Review of God of War Ascension that I’ve been sitting on for a bit on Monday April 15th and we’ll have our first guest post from my good friend Andy Pope providing a fan boy’s review of the game. Andy is a colossal God of War fan so it’ll be interesting to see his perspective on the latest entry and to see what insights about Ascension his extensive knowledge of the series will provide. He’s told me he’s playing all of the previous God of Wars right now to refresh himself. Also he’ll be able to tell you about the multiplayer which I can’t do (damn you season passes!)

Gaming on the Cheap is back folks, check back Friday night and tell us about what indie games you’ve picked up lately.


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