Check This Out at PAX East!: Dive Kick


Check This Out at PAX East!: Dive Kick

**Every night this weekend I showcased an indie game I demoed while at PAX East. Friday night I talked about Swimsanity. Saturday night I talked about Slam Bolt Scrappers**

“Everyone loves fighting games right? No! Why? Cause there’s all this bullshit you have to get through to get to the awesome part of a fighting game,” said Dave Lang as he explained Dive Kick at the Giant Bomb panel. Dive Kick is a fighting game pruned down to the very essence of what a fighting game is. You have two buttons; a jump button and a kick button. No movement buttons. One hit kills. The game sounds like a joke, and it is to some extent, but once you actually play the game it reveals itself as an actually fun and substantive experience. Every round has all of the weight and tension of the final moments in a fighting game. With the removal of all execution, any player can pick the game up and immediately play the same meta-game that pros have to spend hours in the training room to get to. What’s truly amazing is just how much Dive Kick is able to accomplish with only two buttons. You pick gems at the start giving +10% to dive or +10% to kick and every character has a super meter. Supers are activated by pressing both buttons at once. Every character still manages to feel unique with different speeds, jumping arcs and little quirks.

Dive Kick is coming out for the PS3, Vita, and PC. You can vote for them on Steam Greenlight here. Iron Galaxies hopes to have Dive Kick ready for EVO.


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