Check This Out at PAX East!: Swimsanity


Check This Out at PAX East!: Swimsanity

**Every night this weekend I showcased an indie game I demoed while at PAX East. Saturday night I talked about Slam Bolt Scrappers. Sunday night I talked about Dive Kick**

Swimsanity is a new multiplayer underwater twin stick shooter being produced by Decoy Games. It’s a back to basics shooter that although might feel familiar is an excellent execution of the genre. The candy colored mayhem suggested by the art style is tempered by the characters’ slow movements creating an interesting style of gameplay that requires the player to remain calm and methodical in an increasingly chaotic environment. The slow movement speed of the player and the quickly overheating weapons cause positioning and well-timed uses of the teleport power up to take precedent over the twitch reflexes traditionally demanded by games of the genre.

Decoy Games is currently looking for a publisher for Swimsanity and is aiming for a release on XBLA. You can help make sure this worthy game sees the light of day by liking Decoy Games’s facebook page and showing your interest in Swimsanity. Visit their website at


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