FREE STUFF: Street Fighter x Megaman v2


FREE STUFF: Street Fighter x Megaman V2


This time without gems!

Street Fighter x Megaman v2 is an update to is an update to a fan made game Capcom released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Megaman and Street Fighter. The game features classic Megaman gameplay but with Street Fighter characters serving as bosses instead of an assortment of robot masters.

Street Fighter mixes surprisingly well with Megaman’s gameplay. The Street Fighter characters use their special moves from the fighting games during the boss battles and the patterns and strategies of the ai bare a striking resemblance to the way one would use the character in the fighting game. Rose reflects projectiles back at you, Dhalsim keeps you back with screen filling attacks. Ryu even utters a little midi shoryuken and hadoken everytime he does a special move.


Even the game designs match up well. Once you get your execution down and can throw out special moves and combos on a whim, Street Fighter ultimately becomes a game of feints and predictions. In high level Street Fighter play you win by being able to predict when your opponent is going to open himself up and punishing him for exposing himself with a combo. While the ai in Megaman is no where near as complex and unpredictable as a human opponent, gameplay hinges on basically the same notion. In Megaman you learn the lay out of the stage through trial and error and exploit enemies’ patterns to overcome them. For each boss, you learn their tells, figuring out how to predict each threat and how to avoid them and then ultimately striking when they’ve made themselves vulnerable. The major difference between the two franchises, aside from the obvious differences in genre, is that Megaman has built in unchanging patterns that you are supposed to be able to learn while in Street Fighter your opponent (if he is any good) is constantly trying to make himself unpredictable and eliminate any sense of a pattern in how he is playing.

Version 2 of the game adds a new character, improves controller support, buffs M. Bison, and fixes numerous bugs. You can download the game and its soundtrack for free here

I’ll be posting a playthrough of the game in the next few days.


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