Videos and Gangsters and Debates! Oh my!

BEHOLD! The fabled on schedule update! Bask in its majesty! Its radiant glory! But don’t get used to it. The trick to meeting people’s standards is to keep them low.

It’s a big day on the blog here today. Not only has the blog been updated on time, but it was updated twice in one day! Yes, you are right to gasp. Furthermore one of those updates was the premiere of the new video supplement to the blog, Gaming on the Cheap TV. I recently stumbled across some free recording software that records whats happening on your screen and allows you to do a voice over for it. It’s called Screen-o-matic. It’s mostly used by academics I think for recording lectures to go with power point presentations but in the wrong hands it can be repurposed for more nefarious uses like sharing a Super Meat Boy tantrum with the world. I’m going to try to shoot a demonstration video for many of the pc games I review and maybe do some more casual Let’s Play ____ videos in the future so keep your eyes out for them. Here’s a link to youtube channel: 

I even made a jingle for it and everything! A less cheap ass logo is forthcoming, we’re poor, not broke, after all. I can’t make any promises about the singing though.

As you might of guessed, I splurged this week and bought Omerta: City of Gangsters. So far it has been… alright. I know the game is pseudo-hot right now so I’m going to have a review up for it monday evening so check back for it then : ). I might work on Deadlight for next Friday.


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