Review: Chivalry Medieval Warfare

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Chivalry Medieval Warfare Review


Chivalry: Insulting Feminists Since the Dark Ages


There is a bizarro world version of first person shooters, a game genre where everything is the same yet completely different. Imagine a shooter where guns are the exception and everyone uses knives. A shooter where riot shields aren’t eccentric but common. A shooter where you’re not expected to hide behind low walls in the periphery but to meet your opponent head on out in the open. There’s been a genre lurking in the shadows for many years now that has all of the trappings of a competitive multiplayer PC first person shooter like Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2 but with a focus on sword and shield melee combat. It’s a unique and thrilling experience that should be tried by anyone who has ever giggled his way through the chaos of a knives only round in Counter-Strike. Chivalry Medieval Warfare is the latest entry in this genre and while it’s certainly not for everyone, it’s worth trying out and seeing how the gauntlet fits on ya.

come at me bro
come at me bro

Chivalry is a layered experience. Any player can easily hop in a match, spam the left mouse button, and LOL his way to funsville but the game reveals its nuances as you spend more time with it. The chaos slows down and you begin to see the order in it. You become more and more conscious of and in tuned with the rhythm of swinging and parrying. Space becomes immensely important and you start factoring in the arc and reach of your weapons. The basic mechanics of thrust, parry, chop, and swing give way to a deeper meta game of feint, predict, and punish. Skill matters in Chivalry but the learning curve isn’t so much steep as it is long. The actual mechanics can be learned quite quickly, you just better understand how they interact the more you play.

Hammertime? hammertime.

New players may get cut down easily in one on one duels but Chivalry is ultimately a team game. The game features epic objective maps where invaders massacre the peasantry and try to force their way into castles to commit regicide. The defenders can man the battlements pouring boiling oil over the side and raining arrows down on the invaders. Even in team deathmatch teamwork is important. There is no quicker way to die than to get yourself surrounded. It’s important for players to not get outnumbered, help each other flank their enemies, and keep the berserkers off of the archers.

at the gates edit

As great as the gameplay is, it’s the vicious crunch of a war hammer mangling a tin can that makes it satisfying. Chivalry is a violent game. The characters are very vulnerable and the sounds of the weapons when they make contact drive that point home. The clang of steel on steel can be an angel singing when a well timed parry saves your life or a devil cursing when you’re repelled. Heads fly off and limbs detach like so much dead weight. The axes split bone like lumber. The arrows sink in with a sickening thunk and you can see your own hands grasp at the air instinctively as you gargle on your own blood. All of this brutality taking place in picturesque landscapes.

At first I thought Chivalry Medieval Warfare was just an interesting novelty but as the hours passed the game really grew on me. Still it’s definitely not for everyone. As deep as the hacking and slashing is, there really isn’t much else to the game and that might not be enough meat for some gamers. If you really enjoy competitive multiplayer games and are curious go ahead and get it, at the very least it’ll be something different.

Rating: B      Is it worth 25$? Maybe, I’m satisfied with that price but you might wanna wait for it to go on sale for around 15$ if you’re not sure.


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