Good Morning Folks

See that? 2 weeks in a row with updates! Impressive, I know. Please, please don’t hold the applause. I just seem to be a little out of calibration as far as getting them out on Friday goes. Still, I’m going to try to have the next update out this coming Friday.

Chivalry was a lot of fun, they just had a free weekend for it on steam and it was a blast. Apparently they just had their first major content update this month and many more are coming. I feel like the review might of been a bit short though but I’m not sure what else I could of talked about that wouldn’t just be droning on about unimportant information. I could of described the different classes and the load outs but it just would of felt like filler. I feel like a detailed discussion of how the controls work, describing what each button does exactly usually detracts from a review and distracts the reader from whats interesting and important when it comes to reviews, how the game feels and plays. But sometimes it just doesn’t feel like enough has been said. I don’t know really, what do you guys think? Was the Chivalry: Medieval Warfare review too short?

I’m starting to get into Natural Selection 2 this week. I loved the first one back when it was just a mod for Half-life. It’s that wonderful unique combination of an FPS and an RTS that you don’t see enough of. I might write about that, Spelunky, or maybe Waveform this Friday. I’m also very tempted to pick up Omerta: City of Gangsters this weekend. It looks so good. A building sim where you run your own crime syndicate in Atlantic City with turn based battles and bank heists from the makers of Tropico? Hell yea! sign me up! 40$ is a little steep for me though.

See ya Friday! I promise not to be the King of Empty Promises this week! 

Also tell me what you think about the length of the Chivalry review .


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