Happy Holidays!

The Mayan Apocalypse Failed! Christmas is Saved!

Happy holidays folks! Christmas is in the air here at the Gaming on the Cheap household. I’ve been slowly stockpiling rations to get me through a grand family shunning marathon gaming session come Christmas day and I hope you have been too!

I’m going to be switching up the posting schedule here for a while since the previous one has been a colossal disaster (but it wasn’t all bad, explosions are always fun to watch at least =D.) Starting last week, I’m only going to do one post a week every Friday until I build up a month’s worth of content as a backlog. Once I can guarantee a steady flow of content I’ll start randomly putting extra posts up throughout the week. That shouldn’t be hard though as I have a ton of ideas.

I currently been playing Spelunky and Farcry 3 a lot. I’ve always enjoyed the Farcry series but it has never really clicked with me. I have to disagree with the complaints about the story however as I have found the depictions of Brody and his frat bro friends first world privilege being violently ripped out from under them to be well done and have enjoyed watching an inhuman savagery slowly overcome Jason with each foray into the jungle.

Some possible articles you might see in the future:

Should I Wait for the Price Drop? A Max Payne 3 Review

Delving Deeper: Tips for Traversing Spelunky’s Mines

Buying on Release vs Waiting for a Price Drop

Publishing my (absurdly huge) to Game List

The Dragon’s Lair on the 360 


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