Check This Out!: Awesomenauts


Check This Out!: Awesomenauts


Super League of Legends Two Turbo HD Remix Electric Boogaloo

Do you enjoy MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games like League of Legends, DOTA, and Super Monday Night Combat but sometimes wished that they were 2d and had platforms? Neither did I until I found out  Awesomenauts existed. MOBA games are one of the cores of modern competitive gaming with millions of players feeding and ganking every day. In a MOBA game, you try to level up a hero with a unique set of skills by killing computer controlled bots and other players until you’re team is powerful enough to break through your opponents’ turrets and destroy their base. Each character plays a certain role on the team such as the carry (damage dealer + finisher,) tank(distracts and absorbs damage for the others,) or support(buffs and debuffs.) Teamwork is essential. To be successful, teams need to cover every role and avoid dying needlessly as it is easy for a single opponent to level up to the point that he can steamroll the entire team if a player keeps carelessly getting killed by him over and over. Consequently, the community of MOBA gamers is notorious for its hostility towards new players as one bad player can single-handedly lose the game for his team. Still the community has come a long way; a peer review system and experience based matchmaking has gone a long way towards defanging the trolls and it’s easier than ever for new players to get into the addictive MOBA madness.

Awesomenauts is of particular interest because it takes the familiar MOBA gameplay and turns it into a 2d platformer. It is also one of the few MOBA games available to console gamers. I haven’t tried but it looks very interesting.

What the critics are saying:

“It’s so enjoyable” – TotalBiscuit

“It will give you its love.” – Joystiq

You can get Awesomenauts on steam, xbox live, or the playstation network for $10. If you get it for PC though I would suggest buying it through the developer’s website here so that the money can go directly to them without the digital distribution services taking a cut.


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