SALE ALERT: Gamestop 10/24 – 10/30

Sale Alert: Gamestop 10/24 – 10/30

Gamestop is one of the reasons I started this blog.  I remember walking about my local Gamestop, perusing the shelves and seeing great AAA titles that were only a year or two old being sold for pennies.  I was ecstatic at these discoveries because I could finally afford my own copies of these gems but I still felt a tinge of sadness.  With these lower prices, these games weren’t getting the esteem they deserved.  Often times some of the more obscure and novel games would receive a price cut not because of their age but because they simply weren’t selling.  The cream does not always rise to the top in the gaming industry.  And thus I started this blog, to inform the people at large of the rich veins of gaming gold that run deep through the cavernous Gamestop library and beyond.  In keeping with that idea, here are the price cuts worth noting in this week’s Gamestop ad.


Mass Effect 3: $20

What the hell is this nonsense?  If you haven’t played Mass Effect 3 you owe it to yourself to pick. this. up. now.  Easily one of the greatest games of last year, if not one of the greatest games in the entire Xbox 360 library, Mass Effect 3 proved that streamlining the gameplay in a franchise doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.  An action rpg that combines the story of an epic space odyssey with third person shooter mechanics that feel oh so right, any person who has ever touched a controller owes it to themselves to play this game.  And on top of all that, it somehow managed to wiggle in one of the most addictive and unique multiplayer modes I’ve seen in a long time.


The Witcher 2: $30

The Witcher 2 is another fantastic action RPG  made by the small Polish developer CD Projekt RED.  The Witcher games are based off the popular Polish series of dark fantasy books of the same name and they make use of the books’ grim and gritty fairy tale world to a great effect.  The first Witcher game was one of my favorite RPGs; its setting has a dark unforgettable tone and features a protagonist who is seen as a necessary evil but one that isn’t considered to be that much better than the problems he is needed to fix.  The most interesting thing about the game however was how it tried to keep players from not accepting the consequences of their choices in the game by saving and reloading to see how each branch played out.  The original Witcher game wouldn’t reveal the consequences of the choices you made in the game until several hours later into the story resulting in some very interesting twists and moral mishaps.  The second game received even more accolades than the first game and is definitely worth checking out.  Oh and if you try the first game, PROTIP: don’t let the poor starving and sick dwarves and elves steal the food and medicine from the docks, it’s better for everybody if you just kill them right then and there.


Batman Arkham City: $15

Super heroes are great for open-world sandbox games and this game proves it.  Batman Arkham City discarded the metroid-vania mantle of its predecessor and decided to go with more of an assassin’s creed approach to a batman game.  Even more of the rogue’s gallery is being used, multiple characters have been added, and beating down 20 thugs at once with your bare fists feels even more empowering.  Constantly switching between predator  segments where you stalk a group of armed guards in a room and pick them off one by one and brawler segments where you rhythmically beat down entire mobs of enemies in one smooth flowing combo keeps the gameplay interesting and varied.  This game will have you saying “I’m Batman…” in you’re best chain smoker’s voice by the end of the night.

You can see the full ad here


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