Check This Out: FTL Faster Than Light

Check This Out: FTL Faster Than Light


FTL Feel The Love


Have you ever dreamed of captaining your own starship?  Have you ever wanted to scream at your crew “Reroute power from the forward thrusters, I want the shields at full power!” or “Security team to the engineering deck, we’re being boarded!”?  If you have, then you might want to check out Faster Than Light.

Faster Than Light is one of the first Kickstarter funded games that has actually come to fruition and the results are promising.  The game itself is a starship captain simulator rogue-like.  The game has you leading a starship crew in ship to ship battles and exploring strange new worlds.  You must also make decisions through text based encounters that greatly affect your mission.  What makes Faster Than Light special though is the amount of detail in which it simulates being a starship captain.  You have to carefully balance the power distribution amongst the ships various systems and order your crew around the ship repairing various necessary systems or operating different stations in the ship.  You also have to handle things like leaks in the hull or fires starting on the ship in the middle of a battle.

The game also has many rogue-like elements.  The game is designed to be played through in a few hours, with a new galaxy and set of encounters being randomly generated each time you start the game.  This allows each play through to feel like a fresh new experience.  You also start a new character each time you play that develops differently depending on what resources are spawned nearby on the new map.  The game, keeping in the rogue-like tradition, is also supposed to be very hard and has a permadeath system that doesn’t allow you to reload your save file if you die.

The premise of playing as a starship captain is criminally underused in games.  The only main stream game I can think of at the moment that does this is Mass Effect and even that is a bit of a stretch.  For $10, you should definitely check out Faster Than Light.  You can either buy it on their website at or on steam.



What the Critics are Saying:


“Don’t ignore FTL because the art is simplistic or because it looks like it’s essentially ‘spreadsheet gaming.’ It’s one of the best indie games in years, and easily one of the most rewarding strategy games in recent memory. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t punish yourself with FTL. ” -Gamesradar


“Time spent in Faster Than Light does not equal the time passing in the world outside. What felt like a quick 30-minute game before going to bed turns out to have been an epic four-hour session that has left you cold and alone in the early hours of the morning.” -Eurogamer


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