FREE STUFF: Host Master and the Conquest of Humor

Free Stuff:  Host Master and the Conquest of Humor

Legendary game developer Tim Schafer has a new game coming out called Brutal Legend and to celebrate its release I thought I would share this little adventure game that was made when Tim Schafer was a speaker at the Game Developer’s Choice Awards in 2008.  This flash game is a throwback to the kind of games that made Tim Schafer famous; a genre that once dominated the PC gaming market. Tim Schafer was the creative mind behind classic adventure games like the Secret of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, and Full Throttle and this tribute to the old ways is definitely worth toying around with if you’re looking to kill a few minutes.

The game has you play as Tim Schafer who procrastinated and forgot to write any jokes for the Game Developers Choice Awards.  You have to look around his dressing room for jokes to tell before going on stage.  Can you find all 22 jokes and unlock moonwalker mode?

After playing Host Master and the Conquest of Humor, you should definitely check out Tim Schafer’s latest game, Brutal Legend!  It stars Eddie Riggs, (voiced by and modeled after Jack Black) the greatest roadie to have ever lived, who is hurt in a stage accident and then transported by the fire beast Ormagoden to a vast heavy metal landscape inspired by the unrestrained, awesomeness of old heavy metal album covers, where humanity is enslaved by demons.  You have to raise an army of head bangers and metal heads to take back the land from demons and weird goth kids.  A constant flux of gaming genres and clever writing makes for an awesome ride through a love letter to heavy metal.  Brutal Legends comes out Rocktober 13th (aka 2 days ago) and while 60$ is a bit much for my cheap blood, look out for a rental review in the coming weeks.


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