Why I Actually Enjoyed Transformers 2


A friend of mine asked why someone would actually like Transformers 2.  I had a few thoughts on the manner.

If you go into it expecting Schindler’s List, you’ll hate it.  But Transformers 2 is the definitive pop corn movie. It’s fun, fast, and pretty in a way that is a joy to watch if you can just bring yourself to not give a damn about the ridiculous nonsensical plot.   You can tell the writers were having fun with it, even acknowledging a plot hole at one point in the dialog.

“Wait! what about this thing that doesn’t make sense?”

“er… I don’t have time to explain, just forget about it and lets go!”

The movie is pure spectacle. Hot girls, fast cars, and giant robots shooting lasers everywhere and blowing shit up with corny jokes abound. If you know how to simply enjoy the ride you’ll have a great time. But if you believe that narrative is so key to a film that its absence utterly negates the great strides taken in camera work, audio, and visual splendor in a piece, then yes, you will hate this movie.

I for one though, sometimes simply wanna enjoy some big dumb fun.


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