Good Morning America!

Good Morning America!

It’s a beautiful day on our nation’s birthday and I got a not-so special not-so holdiday themed blog post for ya.  We got a decent amount of content up on the blog this week and I hope ya’ll have been enjoying it! You might of noticed I threw ya a curve ball and put up a review of Battlefield: Bad Company instead of the promised crackdown review and you have my sincerest sympathy!  Unfortunately (but not too unfortunately!) Battlefield: Bad Company was the first game I’ve reviewed that I decided wasn’t worth the money.  You can rest assured that I’m not merely throwing out a frivilous opinion with these reviews because I put my real, limited,  hard-earned money on the line and if I say a game is worth the money, thats some bucks out of my own pocket going into it.

Since Battlefield: Bad Company wasn’t worth the money, I only had 7 days to evaluate and review it before I had to take it back in time for a refund.  Rest assured though,  the Crackdown review will be laying down the Smackdown come this thursday.

We also had our first INDIE SPOTLIGHT, a little showcase of a little known developer who deserves some BIG praise.  The gist of it was, Trine is beautiful.  Speaking of which, it just released for the PC a few days ago!  You might wanna hold out for the console versions to be released however, cause it will be half the price on the PS3 and 360!

Also a first was the first of few philosophical ramblings that may make it on here.  If you see any problems with the argument presented, please let me know.  The more I’ve thought about the paper, the more it bothers me.

Now, I’ll bid you adeau with a glimpse of whats to come my home skillets!

First up, sprouting tomorrow will be our first ever Community Questionairre!:

“Community Questionairre: Surviving the Battlefield”!

After playing battlefield Bad Company, I had a little discussion with the game’s community and have compiled a large list of tips, tricks, and general principles of how to not get your arse blown off, courtesy of the very friendly Bad Company community.  If you dare trek where I have turned away, then you won’t wanna miss these!  A fantastic introduction of core concepts!

Also coming not too long after will be a quick blurb, 69 Games that make the PS2 worth owning!  If you’re bored and poor or perhaps just behind on the times and looking for something to breathe some fresh life into your dusty old PS2, you might wanna take a look at the list for some ideas.

This week I picked up Final Fantasy 12 for a mere 12$! I’ll be playing it and prepping it for review this week, expect the actual review a week after the crackdown review!   It’s been… odd.

Finally, I been itching for a fighting game, so I may rent BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, the hit new fighting game that is a spiritual sequel to the fantastic Guilty Gear games.  If it’s anything like Street Fighter 4, I’ll be playing the unholy hell out of it and I’ll probally be able to have a review up for you before the Final Fantasy one.

Possible articles that may hit the fan:

A Defense of Bullying, Stealing, Murdering, and Eavesdropping

Or why Assassin’s Creed’s Mission Structure is Important.


Why Online PC Games are Better than Online Console Games


It’s All About Community, Son!

Enjoy the blurbs and drop some knowledge on me in this week’s poll!

Don’t be shy now folks, be heard!


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