INDIE SPOTLIGHT: Demo Impressions of Trine


Check This Out!: Trine


A Magical Threesome I’ll Never Forget

Trine is the second game of a little known Finnish developer called Frozenbyte.  They create smaller, downloadable titles and recently won an E3 editor’s choice award from Gamespot for best downloadable game, beating out much more publicized titles such as Fat Princess and PixelJunk Shooter.  After playing their recently released demo and viewing various gameplay trailers, I am convinced that Trine is at the very least going to get an amazing critical reception , and if there is any justice in this world, it’ll sell well too.

When you see the Trine for the first time, the first thing you think is, “this is beautiful.”  It is simply an aesthetic gem.  The game oozes charm, from how the narrator’s voice sounds like he is telling a fairytale to the fantastic and intricate backgrounds.  The characters all have personality and distinct feels and the cutscenes consist of beautiful paintings set to narration.  If you were to sum up Trine in one word, it would be “whimsical.”

The game is one of those rare mash-ups of genres that work so well, it simply feels right.  The game manages to both, borrow familiar concepts and ideas from other games, and feel incredibly innovative by the way it implements and integrates them.  I suppose you could say Trine is a physics-based sidescrolling rpg puzzle platformer.  The game is very reminiscent of the SNES classic, The Lost Vikings, in that you control three different characters with various abilities that you can change between on the fly.  Gameplay revolves around picking the character with the right abilities for each specific situation and getting to the end of the area.  Along the way, you also gather experience points by collecting vials hidden through out the levels and items that you can equip to different characters to increase various stats.  Your characters level up and you can choose to improve various abilities upon gaining a new level.  For example, the wizard can increase his ability to manifest boxes so that he may have two instantiated at once as opposed to only being able to have one conjured box at a time.

The demo itself certainly left me wanting more but felt substantial enough to seem like it showcased most of the game’s features, so it basically did exactly what a good demo is supposed to do.  It starts by introducing you to the three characters and having you play through a very short tutorial area designed to give you an understanding of their various abilities.  Narratively, the tutorial areas are also used to explain how the three characters became intertwined with each other.  After the introduction, the game lets you play through a full level from start to finish,  giving you ample opportunity to try out the various tricks you learned earlier.

I earnestly urge everyone to tryout this demo.  You can get the PC demo either on Steam or from here.  It is simply delightful and if it doesn’t get you at least a little hyped, well I guess you’re just dead inside so tough break.  The game will be coming out this summer for PS3 and PC so keep an eye out for it and let’s hope Frozenbyte gets some well-deserved recognition for their efforts.

If you’ve tried it out, go ahead and share some thoughts on it.


One thought on “INDIE SPOTLIGHT: Demo Impressions of Trine

  1. Hey Eric, I really enjoyed reading your post on Trine, and feel that you introduce the reader into the magic of the game. I would have to agree with you on the fact that the game is beautiful, simple, and stylistic, and i feel your post has shone a good light onto Trine.
    Well Done, and i kind of wanna buy the game actually!


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