Review 2 with no skew is up out of the blue

Hey hey folks!

I know you, my loyal and loving fans, whos hearts have been rocked hardcore by the dizzying amounts of information available on this blog have been pining desperately for the second installment of Gaming on the Cheap.  Well pine no more my friends because it’s here and I think it’s a goodie.  Unedited and uncut (good for film rereleases, not for blog posts) the review of Assassin’s creed is here and ready for your consumption.  It’s a bit behind schedule so it’s not as polished as I like but I’ll try to fix that when I get a free moment.

But I got more than just a review for you pretties.  I got an announcement of what the next game reviewed will be!

Crackdown is the next game about to get some fame and you fine fine(not a typo, ya’ll really are that fine) folks can expect it next thursday!  So mark it on your calenders and brace your selves for the triple truth ruth, because I think it’s gonna be a good one that you’re not gonna wanna miss.

I also stumbled upon the beginnings of an article begging to be published while conjuring (and I say conjure, cause this shit is magical) up the Assassin’s Creed review I posted tonight.  So, expect for an article to appear some time in the coming weeks titled:

A Defense of Bullying, Stealing, Murdering, and Eavesdropping

Or why Assassin’s Creed’s Mission Structure is Important.

Now I leave you folks with a poll that will provide me with some valuable feedback, so strap in and prepare for engagement cause this one’s important.

How do you feel about the length of the reviews I’ve posted so far?

Too short (god forbid)

Just right

or way way TMI!

See ya next Week!

disclaimer: I saw Spike Lee’s movie, Do the Right Thing, recently and I kept thinking of the radio host played by Samuel L. Jackson in it while writing this.  So if you have some kind of phobia of rhymes or they just rub you the wrong way.  Please.  Please do not cry.


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